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This amam is situated in the center of the Old bazaar, near Bezisten, Suli Aan and the Murat pasha mosque. It was built in mid XV century by Isa beg for the needs of madrasa (Islamic science school) and the teqqe in Skopje and therefore it is also known as the Isa beg amam. It is believed that its architectural solution was adjusted to the area and events surrounding it. Unlike most so-called double amams, in Cifte amam, the male and female parts come together and join into one part in the bathing area. In the notes of Evlija Celebija, a famous annals writer, Cifte amam is also pointed as the “new” amam. Today Cifte amam is a contemporary art gallery where prominent domestic and foreign artists exhibit their works. Almost at all times, the walls of this amam are decorated with artistic works of various artists. The domestic audiences as well as foreign visitors look forward to every new exhibition and each of them represents an event of its own kind which brings joy to the entire Bazaar. In fact, Cifte amam represents a cultural center which contributes in the most active way to giving life to the Bazaar from the morning to late in the evening.

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