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The famous clock tower or Sahat Kulla is not situated inside the Old Bazaar, but it is inside the complex of Sulltan Murat Mosque, on the opposite side of the bazaar, across the main street that goes from the center of the city towards old Skopje.  It rises on a hillside and therefore it is considered to have a dominating position in the old part of the city.  The exact date of its construction is not known, however from the existing data it appears that this oriental building was established in the period between 1566 and 1573, as the first clock tower in the ottoman state.  Visitors describe in their annals that the public clock could be heard throughout the city and that it counted in a French manner.

Sahat Kulla is an interesting monument of culture and because of its function, during its existence it would attract great attention among the citizens.  Unfortunately, this important and necessary object does not function today.  Witnesses say that the clock tower was sent to a repair before the 1963 earthquake; unfortunately, to date it was not brought back.  Sahat Kulla is composed of three parts:  the lower part built on rocks; the middle part which is a body of eight angles; and the upper part, with open areas and surrounded by iron fence, where the sound of the belts would come from.

The clock tower obtained its current look by the end of XIX century and the beginning of the XX century, under the rule of Hafiz Mehmet pasha.
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