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image The Mustafa pasha mosque is among the most beautiful monuments of the Islamic religious architecture found in Skopje.  With its overwhelming image, this mosque is listed among the most beautiful mosques in Macedonia.  Its architectural value becomes even greater also because of its extraordinary location.  Located on a hillside opposite Kale, this mosque dominates the entire space around it.  At dawn, its magnificent silhouette, which represents a perfection of tranquility and elegance, occupies every single passenger who walks by.The Mustafa pasha mosque was erected during the last decade of the XV century by Mustafa pasha, a high-ranking personality in the Ottoman state in the period of Sultan Bajazit II (1481-1512) and Selim I (1512-1520).  At the entrance gate of the mosque you will find the inscription which speaks of the time when the mosque was built.  This inscription is written in a narrative mode and Arab alphabet.The Turbe of the Mustafa pasha mosque is situated on its southeastern side.  It has six angles and is of the type of closed turbes with a dome.  On its outer side the turbe is laid in marble.  In its internal side there is a sarcophagus which is decorated with floral motives.  This turbe was damaged during the 1963 earthquake and the damage is still evident.  The inscription that stood at the entrance gate fell down during the quake and today, it is preserved and placed inside the building.
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