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Feeling like eating in one of the restaurants down the Skopje bazaar?  Then Kapan an is the best place for that!  Situated nearby the Skenderbeg monument and open on all four sides, what used to be a motel is today a rich complex of restaurants with traditional and modern kitchen, and those can easily be found both on the southern and on the northern entrances to the an.

Kapan an is among the oldest ans that were recovered in the city.  It was built in mid XV century by the famous Turkish warrior Isa beg.  At the time of the Ottoman Empire, this an served for the accommodation of tradesmen and their caravans as well as for travelers accompanying them to the city.  Its name comes from the Turkish word “kabban”, which means a large public weight which served to weigh the merchandise that was brought from the outside.

During the 90ies of last century, Kapan an represented an alternative going out that brought together youngsters from all over Skopje and Macedonia.  Present day restaurants at that time were cafeterias or night clubs and were popular for partying and live music performances.  Today, Kapan an gives you the feeling of an oasis hidden in the middle of the desert, because of the contrast with the outside world that surrounds it.  Even tough practically at the heart of the bazaar, inside the an you will feel such tranquility that will give you the ease and cozy feeling for a lunch or dinner in a private atmosphere that gives you the impression that the complex does not communicate with the everyday dynamics outside the An and the rest of the bazaar.

On the north side of Kapan an you will reach the center of the Skopje bazaar.  This is another perfect spot to have lunch in one of the charming kebab shops under the shadow of the oldest tree of Skopje accompanied by the sound of the water pouring from the fountain placed at the small square.  If you are in a mood for a quiet romantic dinner during the hot summer evenings of Skopje, then don’t hesitate!  This is definitely the place for intimate ambience and lots of romance.
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