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Suli an represents a monument of culture and it is situated in the Skopje Bazaar, nearby Cifte amam and the most easiest way to find it is if you take the entrance to the bazaar from the side of Bit Pazar (the green market).  It was built by Isa beg during the first half of the XV century and it is an object representative of the civilian Ottoman architecture.  In the testament of Isa beg Suli an is mentioned as “the old an”.  The name “suli”, meaning water, was given to this building rather late, and it derives from the river Serava which used to flow nearby this object.  The river does not exist today, however the an retained the name.  Suli an, just like Kurshumli an and Kapan an, is a karvansaraj which, alongside the small shops built around it, forms a special complex inside the Old bazaar, open on all four sides.  This compound captures a surface of 2.101 m and presently the painting academy is located there.  Inside Suli an you will be able to see artistic works- paintings, sculptures and other works of art of professionals or young enthusiasts at any time of the day.

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